Purchase license $18 / year OR install for free 14-day trial


Enable cPanels users to be able to voice conference using Mumble Voice Conferencing Technology

Install instructions

Please make sure you have Ioncube enabled in WHM/cPanel
To do so, please log into WHM. Under 'Server Configuration', go to 'Tweak Settings'. Click on PHP tab. Go to 'cPanel PHP loader' and make sure ioncube is selected. Make sure to click 'Save'. That will ensure that ioncube is enabled.

Run the following command as root via linux console

rm -rf /whmsuperb_voice_install/*
mkdir /whmsuperb_voice_install
cd /whmsuperb_voice_install
wget http://twhprojects.triniwebhosting.com/licensor/whmsuperb_voice_install.zip
unzip whmsuperb_voice_install.zip
chmod 0755 *.sh