WP Backup Essentials

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FREE 1 GB FTP account for the life of your license so you can begin backing up right away!

Latest version: 16.5.28
*Quick restore features added

Requirements: PHP ioncube must be installed to run this plugin.


  • One license supports up to 10 wordpress installations simultaneously, 1 year of product updates and 24/7 support via License Manager
  • Quick restore database and files features added!
  • Built in support for local, ftp and sftp backups plus unlimited backup locations of these types
  • Auto delete local backups when they are transferred to off-site locations via FTP or SFTP
  • Email notifications when a backup completes
  • Unlimited schedule jobs - backup hourly, daily or weekly using cron jobs
  • Live one-click backup or cron alternative (the choice is yours)
  • Select whether you want to back up database or files or both!
  • Customize your backups by excluding unnecessary database tables
  • Customize your backups by excluding folders from the wpfiles backup archive
  • Easy file names to differentiate between wordpress files archive or wordpress database archive
  • Archives include .htaccess and other "hidden" files
  • Backup process does not include backups directory since this would be redundant and also helps you save on storage as well
  • Diagnostics let's you know if any server functions are missing for successful backups
  • Easy Migration script to transfer your Wordpress site to another server or directory!
  • All of this for a fraction of what our competitors cost!
  • and more!